Hypeddit Artist of the Month: Olly James

When we do our artist of the month feature, we are always looking for talented, up and coming producers who can give us some insight about not only productions, but how they have began to see some success in their music career.

Our March Artist of the Month Olly James, fits that criteria exactly.  Not only is he talented, as well up and coming, he is only 22 and already making great strides in his music career.  So we wanted to get some of his tips and tricks on how he has done it.  Everything from synths he uses to getting supported by some of the biggest names in dance music.

Turn listeners into followers with Hypeddit

Hypeddit: How long have you been using Hypeddit for and how many followers has it helped you get?

Olly James: I’ve been using Hypeddit for around a year now, & its helped me get around 40,000 followers, so its helped me massively!

H: What DAW are you currently using?

OJ: FL Studio 11

H: What is the best production tip you can give to other Hypeddit Producers?

OJ: Use EQ to boost frequencies to find the frequencies you don’t need, then remove those frequencies, this is essential when mixing bass & leads etc!

H: How did you get releases on bigger labels like Spinnin and Revealed?

OJ: I’ve actually been sending my music out to the top labels for almost a year, and only recently have my productions become of a releasable quality, so persistence is key, when you’re ready your time will come!

H: How did you get support and exposure to big name artists like Tiesto, Guetta, W&W and more?

OJ: By sending stuff out to their promo mails, the more you send the more your getting the attention of these guys, getting support in their radio show can also bring you to the attention of other big DJs!

H: Do you have a favorite or go to plugin that you use a lot?

OJ: I use Sylenth for 75% of my drop leads, I also use camel crusher religiously!

H: What does your studio setup consist of?

OJ: At the moment, a Laptop & KRK’s

H: What do you want to accomplish most with your music career?

OJ: To just continue to make music for all the people who have supported me, & try to meet as many of my fans as possible!

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