Hypeddit Artist of the Month: Garmiani

We wouldn’t be surprised if you have already heard of our April Artist of the Month. He has garnered tracks with over 1 million streams on Spotify, released tracks on Tiesto’s label, signed to Dim Mak records, and has had a #1 hit on USA’s Billboard Next Big Sound chart. He is Swedish Producer and DJ, Garmiani.

Buying his first DJ Mixer at the age of 12, rapping at 13 and an Audio Engineer graduate from SAE Institute, there is no doubt he knows a thing or two about music. From production to marketing, to engineering. So we got a chance to connect with him to talk about production tips, creating a great lead, and how to keep pushing!

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Hypeddit: Do you have any formal music training?

Garmiani: I studied music in high school, it was pretty basic beginner stuff. After that I took the Audio engineering diploma at SAE Institute, which was a good move.

H:What DAW are you currently using?

G:Logic pro X. I love it, but I miss the super fast work flow that you can get with FL Studio.

H: What is the best production tip you can give to other Hypeddit Producers?

G: Find your own sound. Listen to a lot of music and incorporate elements of the stuff you like in your own music, but make sure you sound like you and no one else.

H: How did you get your music exposure to big DJ’s and labels like Dim Mak?

G: Thats something i’ve built over time. Just keep sending your music to labels and DJ’s, if the music is good you will eventually get through. Once a big DJ discovers you they will continue to listen to your stuff. And when they play your music other big names will discover you. Just keep pushing.

H: Your music has a lot of energy and many times a powerful lead, any tips on injecting that energy or creating a great lead?

G: Thats kind of hard to describe, it’s a combination of a bunch of things. But a good start is to have an energetic groove. Then from there you can work on the sound and make it POP.

H: Do you have a favorite or go to plugin that you use a lot?

G: Dada life’s Sausage Fattener and XferRecords OTT are two plugins that I use almost all the time. I also use Sonalksis EQ’q on almost everything.

H: What does your studio setup consist of?

G: Right now I use a Macbook Pro with maxed out ram and SSD HD, Dynaudio BM5A Monitors, RME Fireface 400 Audio Interface, Mackie Big Knob monitor control, SE Electronics Z5600 a MKII microphone, SE Electronic reflection filter and Audio Technica ATH-M50 headphones.

All you really need is a computer and some good headphones or monitors though.

H: If you can give one tip to other DJ/Producers, anything from DJing to Marketing to producing, what would it be?

G: Don’t be afraid to be different and stand out. That goes for everything, DJing, producing, marketing… do your own thing, make the music that is closest to your heart.

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