Why Youtube matters to music artists – and how to build a fan base

YouTube is one of the most important tools for your music career. Did you know it should be at the heart of your marketing? When you step back for a moment and look at how all businesses – in any industry – are using websites like YouTube, you can see its value. This is a website that offers people free access to incredible videos, including outstanding music. It’s an excellent medium for advertising your music business – like all other businesses – because it is so accessible, and so within reach even to the struggling, brand new artist. If the pros are using it with success, why aren’t you?

First, Consider the Value and Importance of YouTube

YouTube is a fantastic outlet for your music. It is where many artists today are posting their music. It is no longer about production of music videos or creating demo tape after demo tape. Now, it is about getting your music in the public, in front of people who love it. In other words, when you use YouTube, you are putting your music in front of your fans instead of a record label who will make decisions about it. And, because you are putting your marketing in place, you remain in control over what happens next.

But, Wait – How Can You Get Fans on YouTube?

You’ve seen the viral videos that launch performers from nowhere into successful recording contracts. Yes, stars like Bieber have used it. Let’s start with a few misconceptions – You do not need to have a large amount of money to do well marketing on YouTube.  You do not need to have top notch, pro-style video skills to launch well. You do not have to see your music go from zero to 1 million views in a day to make it work for you.  You may have no experience.  You may have a great deal of music experience.

So, how do you get your music in front of people? Start with creating your YouTube channel and a good quality track. This is your time to shine. Ensure you have a great soundtrack in hand and post it. Now, consider these tips for building your fan base on the site.

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#1: Upload content consistently.

You’ll get the most attention if you are uploading on a regular basis. Keep in mind, quality does matter. Stick with the same genre or style. You want people to recognize you.

#2: Be unique.

You are not going to get a lot of attention for your rendition of a chart topper unless you stand out. While original music is always best, if you are going to do someone else’s music, find a way to make it your own in a positive manner. Standing out gets shares.

#3: Market wisely

A key component of success is gaining traction, but how can you gain traction with few followers? One of the most effective solutions is the use of direct marketing ads. Using tools like Twitter and Facebook, you’ll be able to get your music in front of people right away. And, use social media to the fullest. Place links to your music in relevant online forums and groups. Tap into the groups on sites like Facebook, Reddit, and even LinkedIn. This is perhaps the most valuable step towards building your music.

#4: Upload properly

Don’t just throw up your music on YouTube. Rather, you need to take your time to upload it with the right keywords (use terms that describe your music style, your message, your theme, or other key components that help it stand out). Use all of the fields provided including the title, tagging, and video creation. Remember, people go to YouTube to search for specific types of music. Include words that describe your music, use your name and also your music style. Doing this allows for your music to get in front of millions.

#5: Be industry-passionate.

The experts stand out. Instead of creating just your own music and posting it to your channel, be sure you are offering industry insights. Who is releasing what? What do you think of changes to the industry? Talk about what’s happening in your life and the overall industry. If you are passionate about your genre, make it known.

YouTube is by far the most valuable tool you have for building your music empire. Are you using it the right way?

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