New: Grow Your YouTube Fan Base with Hypeddit

As a music artist looking for maximum exposure, you can no longer deny the importance of YouTube. That is why we are extremely excited to announce our brand new YouTube Fan Gates!

These fan gates bring the full power of Hypeddit fan gates to Youtube:

  • Fans auto-follow yours + 4 additional YouTube channels
  • Combine your YouTube fan gate with our Facebook follow-to-download gate
  • Custom branding with your name/logo
  • Auto-post your YouTube fan gate URL into yourYouTube video description

Setting up your first YouTube fan gate is super easy: go to your Hypeddit dashboard, and under “Social Tools” choose YouTube Fan Gate. Then simply connect your YouTube account with Hypeddit and you are almost done.

Turn listeners into followers with Hypeddit

Grow YouTube fans with Hypeddit

Step1: Choose the video you would like to use for your gate.
Step 2: Upload the mp3/zip file you want to share with fans.
Step 3: Brand your fan gate.

If you would like fans to subscribe to additional YouTube channels you can add those in step 4.

Grow YouTube fans with Hypeddit

If you really want to supercharge your YouTube fan gates you can also overlay our Facebook like-to-download feature.

To see our new YouTube fan gate in action, make sure to check out Sammy Porter’s recent release here.

Grow YouTube fans with Hypeddit

Hypeddit Grow SoundCloud Followers



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