Hypeddit Success Story: Paolo Ortelli

Our team at Hypeddit has one important mission: to help artists with building bigger and better fan communities around their music!

In past blog posts we already covered incredibly talented people, such as Ill Phil and Certified Jackin’, who all have used Hypeddit to massively grow their SoundCloud fan base by as many as 40,000 real, engaged fans in as little as three months. But there are many more amazing success stories among our artists out there: introducing Paolo Ortelli, one of Italy’s leading DJ/producers!

Paolo has been producing music since he was 16 years old and has already achieved an extremely successful music career: more than 80 licensing deals and 50 chart scores worldwide, his single “Sex on the beach” became a #1 hit in Japan, Czech Republic, Israel and South Korea, his music won synch deals for TV hits such as CSI Miami, Jersey Shore and others, just name a few.

However, with all of these incredible accomplishments as a music producer and artist, Paolo didn’t have a great way to use the little time he has left to effectively build a solid social media and marketing presence – until recently when he discovered Hypeddit (shameless plug!).
We asked Paolo about his personal social media growth hacks as a music artist and here is what he shared:

“I have done lots of things in the music biz, thanx to the Spankers’ project that I formed in 2009 along with my partner in crime, Luke Degree. I have played all over the world, especially in Asia, where we’ve released 3 albums and sold hundreds of thousands of records. However, one of the mistakes I’ve made, is not promoting and growing my brand on social networks.

I always thought it was important to spend all of my time working on projects, sounds and ideas in the studio – and to make the best live shows. Unfortunately, nowadays it’s the contrary. So I made up my mind to mix both marketing and production.

I discovered Hypeddit by chance, thanx to my friend Angemi. I remember one day (around 1 year ago) I found an amazing track he made and offered for free. I immediately tried to download it and thought, ‘Holy shit, this is so brilliant! I can use this as well!’

So I did! At that time we had just finished the official remix of “Rock this Party” and we decided, according to Bob Sinclar, to give it away to fans through my Soundcloud channel. So I seized the day! 🙂

We caught the #1 on the ‘Hypeddit Top 100 Free Download Chart’s for four weeks in a row. Then I followed it with my crazy idea, a cover of ‘Darth Vader’s Theme’ from Star Wars and the progressive house remake for ‘Over The Horizon’, the popular Samsung Galaxy’s ringtone.

To me, this is one of the best ways to use Hypeddit (I mean the way I use it): first, make a great track, something catchy or viral. Then you have to get it out there. For me what makes people notice your track is when you submit it to Hypeddit’s Spotlight promotion. This is (in my opinion) what changes the destiny of your track. The moment when it has been seen and listened to by hundreds of thousands of people, thanx to the Hypeddit profiles, which have such a huge fan base. I love it cause it’s meritocratic. You don’t have excuses. If your track is cool and people love it, it will climb the top 100 chart, and you’ll get lots of comments, likes, followers etc – otherwise not.

I think that nowadays, the problem is to find a way to get noticed, cause even if you are a talented producer, it is very difficult to stand out among the crowd. There are 100000000000 DJs and producers, tons of tunes, labels and whatever… I think that the Hypeddit service is something that gives you the chance (with meritocracy) to show people your production skills and to get noticed by other DJs and pros in the field.

Today I’ve got over 23,000 real passionate followers on my Soundcloud channel. One year ago there was only maybe 3 or 4 thousands.

Now we have just released (as Spankers) a brand new album titled “Sex On The Beach – The Album” , which includes (amongst 17 singles, “Cock It Up” is the first) another catchy song that I wanna give away for free thru Hypeddit… It’s an EDM parody of Steven Seagal. You can’t miss it! :-)))”

Huge thank you to Paolo Ortelli for sharing his amazing success story and insights on how he is using Hypeddit to build a bigger and better fan base around his music!



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