Hypeddit Success Story: Ill Phil

There is nothing we love more than helping talented producers get the exposure they deserve. After all, that is why we created Hypeddit.

One of those producers who represents the epitome of what the Hypeddit community is about, is UK’s Ill Phil aka Phil Dolman. The 15 year veteran DJ has played all over the world, has been supported by infamous BBC Radio 1, recently collaborated with dance music legend Hardsoul (coming soon), and has many more musical achievements under his belt.

However, what is most impressive is how Ill Phil, used Hypeddit to get 40,000 new, real SoundCloud followers and fans in only 4 months!

Turn listeners into followers with Hypeddit

We asked him about his explosive fan growth and this is what he said…

“I first heard about Hypeddit through my friends over at Selected. I noticed they had been using it for a few months, but at first I was worried about it. Purely because it needs to access your Soundcloud, but I wish I hadn’t waited so long. The transformation I’ve had over the past four to five months has been amazing.

I started off with my primary account on 60,000 followers which I’d built up over 4 years. I then created a second account, just so I could have a fresh start and use my old one to help me repost. I re-uploaded most of my old material and used Hypeddit for every single track, along with some new tracks.

To gain traction and get exposure for these tracks, I used connections I have with some bigger channels and artists who helped with reposts and I also ran some paid promotions with Facebook.

Within 4 months I had 25,000 followers on my new account and my old account had 75,000 (via linking it to the fan gates). I do a popular mixtape series for Certified Jackin and I’ve been using Hypeddit for those too, which has been incredible for plays and comments.

SoundCloud has been dying a death for comments over the past 12 months, your service has completely changed that and totally reformed the SoundCloud platform. It’s been the best investment I made in 2015!”

Big THANK YOU to Ill Phil for sharing his inspiring success story! And please check out and support Ill Phil on Soundcloud.

But now you might be wondering: How can I pull off explosive fan growth like this?

Phil’s story is a great showcase for the three key ingredients to success you need:

1. Great music – that means tracks that listeners can’t wait to download and add to their music library.
2. Lots of traffic to your tracks – the more listeners you get for your tracks, the more fans you can grow.
3. Hypeddit – our fan gates convert listeners to fans and followers on SoundCloud, and as a Hypeddit PRO user you can even combine it with SoundCloud comments, reposts and Facebook Likes.

Most artists would say that the hardest part is getting traffic and listeners for their music. If you don’t have a lot of connections to other artists, blogs or channels yet that can help you get exposure to listeners (like Ill Phil did), it’s no problem. That’s where every artist starts out and there are many great ways to grow your exposure: You can utilize things like our SPOTLIGHT promo feature or fan promotion partner channels, Facebook ads, or simply start reaching out to whomever you can and ask them to check out your track and possibly share it. If you have a good quality track, and it is a free download, many Facebook groups, blogs, and other notable people will be happy to share it. You just have to be persistent and over time you will make those connections.

So take that great music we know you have and get started, we know you can do it!

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