4 Common Mistakes to Avoid if You Want to Break into the Hypeddit Top 10 Charts

Want to make it into the Hypeddit Top 10 Download Charts but wondering how to get there? Here are great news: you don’t have to be a world-renown artist to make it into our Top 10 Download Charts – you just have to do it right!

If your tracks haven’t scratched the Hypeddit Download Charts yet, chances are you are trapped by making one or more of the following common mistakes.

Luckily there are easy ways to avoid these and make sure that Hypeddit can launch your music into the Hypeddit Top 10 Download Charts and your SoundCloud© profile into stratospheric fan growth!

Mistake #1: Don’t serve old music – hit your fans with fresh tracks

Have you set up Hypeddit fan gates for all of your old tracks and mixes? If not, you should – this is great to support your overall fan growth! But as you expect the Billboard or Beatport Top 10 Charts to include only the freshest tracks, so do Hypeddit fans.

In order to break into the Hypeddit Top 10 Download Charts your track needs as many Hypeddit fan gate downloads as possible over a moving 5-day period.

Your old tracks probably do not get much SoundCloud traffic and downloads anymore. Instead, hit your fans with fresh tracks!

A new track that appears fresh in the stream of your SoundCloud fans has the greatest chance of getting the many plays, re-posts, and downloads that propel you towards the Hypeddit Top 10 Download Charts.

Mistake #2: Never “Enable Downloads” in SoundCloud

Simple but important: make sure that the SoundCloud settings of your track in the “Permissions” menu show “Enable Downloads” as inactive/disabled! This should just be a gray circle without an orange checkmark. Otherwise your Hypeddit fan gate will not be effective at converting downloads to Comments + Followers + Likes.


Mistake #3: Don’t ignore quality – expect great things from great tracks

Do you download every free track you find on SoundCloud? Chances are you only download those tracks you really like.

Expect listeners on SoundCloud to respond to your music in the same way. Make sure you offer musical greatness!

If you have a track or mix so good that most listeners want to download it – and you use a Hypeddit fan gate to convert all those listeners to new fans – then it can truly skyrocket your SoundCloud fan growth to stardom!

Mistake #4: Don’t think small – think big and find new audiences

Do you have only very few SoundCloud followers today and wonder how you can ever compete with those internationally recognized DJs and producers that often dominate the Hypeddit Top 10 Download Charts and already have tens of thousands of SoundCloud followers? Actually, you can – don’t think small!

Hypeddit fan gates convert traffic to your tracks into fan growth. The more traffic, the more fan growth. So all you need is more traffic and exposure for your music!

If your current SoundCloud fan base is not big enough yet to boost your tracks, then why stop there? Find new audiences! There are a number of ways you can do this – here just a few examples:

  • Blast out links to your track through all your social media profiles, blogs, email newsletters and any other communication you can think off
  • Ask your biggest fans to re-post your track on SoundCloud so that their fans will see your track and can become your fans too if they download your track via your Hypeddit fan gate
  • Buy a re-post of a promo label on SoundCloud (such as Lick It Loud) which promotes your track to thousands of new fans
  • Promote a post of your track on Facebook
  • Promote Facebook or Twitter posts of your track via social media marketing platforms such as Copromote
  • Check out more music marketing ideas on our Hypeddit blog for music artists, producers and DJs

Have you made it into the Hypeddit Top 10 Download Charts already? Please let us know with a comment below if you would like to share your tips and tricks with the Hypeddit community to be featured in an upcoming newsetter.



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