Top 10 Proven Music Marketing Ideas

As a musician, it can be difficult to begin thinking about anything but creation. Self promotion can be tricky for the mind of an up and coming artist as agents and PR reps don’t always fit the budget. Thankfully, the music industry is evolving with the music itself and the Hypeddit team is here to guide you. With a myriad of resources at your fingertips, there is a way to market yourself to success. Check out our carefully compiled list of these top 10 proven music marketing ideas and let your sounds be heard.

1. Put Your Music on YouTube

With the smartphone revolution, capturing video has become easier than ever. Create a YouTube channel and upload demonstrations of your work. That is, live shows or live recordings. Create a 2 minute or less Introduction of yourself allowing viewers to connect with you and your creative process. In addition to the demonstration and introduction, create a 4 minute or less product review of the equipment and/or software that you utilize. Product ideas include Ableton packs, midi packs, DJ software, controllers, mixers, Akai, Novation, and many more. This is an important way of engaging fans as well as other artists. Keep these product reviews focused and succinct. Describe the pros and cons of your process and always remain honest and balanced in your descriptions. It is also suggested that you create a well organized script or outline and avoid improvisation. This will make your presentation clean and professional. If you decide to edit your videos, be sure to keep them simple. This is not intended to promote your filmmaking skills but your musical ability, so don’t be afraid to boast your knowledge. The final touch is to add a link to your SoundCloud on each of your videos in line 1 of your description. This keeps the circle connected.

2. Make a Mini Digital Book showcasing your Music Production Expertise

In addition to your videos, it is important to utilize digital print options as well. Using a slide presentation platform such as slideshare.netGoogle Slides, or ISSUU, you can essentially create a slideshow of your musical knowledge. Similar to your instructional video, write a “how-to” such as, “how to program hip-hop beats on Ableton” or “how to mix house music on Traktor.” For inexperienced writers, the first step is to “write what you know,” so be confident because this is your craft. Begin your mini digital book as a word document. MS Word 2010/13/360 has a PDF export feature that can change .doc into .pdf. If you do not have MS Word, there are several online document to PDF converters that do not require a download such as freepdfconvert.com. Be creative, be witty and have fun. This is not an assignment, it is a task with a purpose: to further your musical career. As always, keep the circle connected by linking your SoundCloud in the footer or creating a YouTube video that links to your mini digital book.

3. Sign Up For Music Streaming and Social Channels

Though SoundCloud is one of the largest music sharing sites, take advantage of the many other social networks available for sharing your sounds. Obvious sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter offer a large database of potential fans. Other, more music based channels, such as ReverbNation, Bandcamp, Last.fm, Grooveshark, blip.fm, Hype Machine, thesixtyone.com and GrooveCloud can also be a great asset to you and the musical community. Once you have created a profile on any or all of these sites, you know the drill, be sure to link up your SoundCloud on each platform.

4. Make a “How-To” Blog, Fan Interest Blog and Website

There are many different blogging platforms that cater to various preferences such as WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. Instagram is mobile and photo based so easiest to upkeep. If you have the time to not just sign up, but keep up with all of them, then your odds of exposure are much higher. However, if you are unable keep them all updated, it is more professional to focus on one, very well-done and updated website versus several partially updated blogs. Domain names can be purchased easily and cheaply with WordPress or Squarespace and both offer user-friendly templates. Also, one singular website, i.e. johndoemusic.com, looks better on a business card than a list of blog sites. If you have the ambition, you can do all of the above, linking your various blogs to your domain site. Use this avenue to promote links to new tracks, upcoming shows, how-to’s, and other things of interest to your fans.

5. Use Business Cards to Promote Your Music

A well-printed and well-designed business card is essential to marketing yourself. You never know when or where you will meet someone that can help further your musical career. In those instances, it is crucial to have a card to exchange. Never have a business card that you are not proud of. A simple, clean business card is much more effective than a cluttered, illegible design. Include your name, phone number, e-mail, and website, if you have one. It is also good to include a profession or occupation. Try to keep it simple like “producer,” “musician,” “recording artist,” “DJ,” etc. You can include your full list of skills on your website or blogs which will be printed on your business card. Many producers and musicians are now including a QR code on the back of their cards that links directly to their SoundCloud page. If you are going to utilize this option, be sure to include a basic instruction of how to use and/or acquire a QR code.

6. Collaborate With Like-minded Artists

While online social networking is a huge resource, nothing beats face-to-face networking. Go to shows of artists you admire, collaborate with friends who have similar taste in music. All it takes is one person to change the trajectory of your life. Inspire and be inspired, create and co-create. The more friends you make in the industry, the further you will progress and the more genuine the friendships, the more rewarding the progression. Though it is easier said than done, don’t ever give up! In the end, it is a numbers game. Increase your odds of exposure. The world knows no limits for the minds of the ambitious.

7. Remix Popular Songs and Post on YouTube

The term “popular songs” is a very broad spectrum. You can follow top 40 trends and remix tracks that are already receiving large numbers of listens. This gives you a huge advantage in increasing your likes, listens and fans by utilizing an already existing audience. If you are more inclined toward the underground, there are popular songs in that scene that will gain you listeners more similar to the genre you are in. The idea is to remix a song or artist that has a large following and of which you are a fan. Once you have done this, post it on YouTube and link your SoundCloud in the first line of your video’s description.

8. Create Sets For Different Gig Types

In the world of electronic music, live DJing is crucial to marketing yourself. Not only do you experience the thrill of performing, but this is one of the biggest ways to expand your fan base. The audience gets to hear your skills on professional sound systems as well as experience your stage presence and personality. One of the most admired skills of a DJ is adaptability. Musical styles vary from bar to lounge to club to venue and it is important to create unique sets that cater to each. Keeping the audience happy means keeping the venue happy which means more bookings.

9. Use E-mail Marketing List for Music Promotion

E-mail has become the standard gateway of communication in business. If you’ve been e-mailing people since the 1990s as most of us have, you most likely have a prolific contact list. Use it. Send people your videos, blogs, websites, SoundCloud, gig flyers and more. Be proud of you what you are creating and never be afraid to share it.

10. Converse on Twitter

As Twitter is such a fast paced network, it is imperative that you engage with your fans. When someone gives you attention on Twitter, acknowledge that person and nurture that fan base. Staying engaged with your fans is important in keeping them and gaining more.




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