Top 3 Tips and Tricks how our most successful Artists skyrocket their Fan Base

Do you know how to get the most out of your Hypeddit fan gates to grow SoundCloud followers – or are you just scratching the surface?

Here are the most important tips and tricks applied by the most successful SoundCloud artists to grow thousands of fans with Hypeddit since launch just a few weeks ago!


Tip #1: Post new content frequently

Post a new track, mix or mashup every week!

The more great tunes you have to share with your fans, the more traffic, plays, re-posts and downloads you can get. Successful Hypeddit artists post at least one new track for free download per week and get hundreds or thousands new downloads, likes and followers within days.


Tip #2: Make sure your fan gate URL is linked to your SoundCloud track

Follow two simple steps to maximize traffic and fan-conversion for your fan gates:

Link your fan gate to your SoundCloud track so fans can find it and disable Direct Download in SoundCloud so fans link to your fan gate.

Watch our how-to video to learn more about these settings: http://youtu.be/EQpNITRJZ0s


Top #3: Promote your track to new audiences

Use SoundCloud promo networks! Growing your fan base is a numbers game. The more listeners discover your music, the more listeners will want to download your track, and the more new fans you get using Hypeddit. Period! But how do you get more traffic?

Successful Hypeddit artists use promo networks and channels on SoundCloud (e.g., EDM Deep Sounds, We Rave You, and many more) to have their tracks – with link to their Hypeddit fan gate – reposted to tens of thousands of new listeners.  These new listeners will download the track and with Hypeddit, convert to new followers for the artists. It works like magic – give it a try!

Follow these important tips and tricks and you will see your fan base skyrocket!

Any questions, comments, feedback? Contact us here – we ALWAYS want to hear from you!



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