Hypeddit Artists of the Month: Gamper and Dadoni

We love it when talented DJ/Producers get the recognition their music deserves! From high profile live gigs, exploding fan base, to chart topping hits. That is exactly why we were extremely excited to catch up with German DJ/producer duo Gamper & Dadoni, AKA Max and Daniel.

Coming together as a team only three years ago, they have risen to fame in lightning speed with over 100 million plays on YouTube and SoundCloud, over 60 live shows in more than 15 countries, and support from huge names like Kygo, Robin Schulz, Lost Frequencies and many more.

We invited the talented German duo to be our ‘Artists of the Month’ and talk about best production tips, getting exposure for their music, their studio setup and more.

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Do either of you have any formal music training or did you go to school for your music?

Yes, we both studied music (audio engineering & classical music).

Do you think learning audio engineering has helped you get to where you are today?

100 % yes! It is necessary to know how the mechanics behind your music work. Today you also have to know how it works on your computer for sure.

What DAW are you currently using?

Logic X

What is the best production tip you can give to other Hypeddit Producers?

Quality over Quantity
Be patient
Develop your style

How do you get exposure for your free downloads?

We built up our main Soundcloud channel over the last 3 years and link to it from everything we do. On top of that we work together with some Youtube channels to gain exposure. But the most important thing is to get to know the sources that can help spread your music: blogs, channels, people.

Can you give us an example of some YouTube channels or blogs you use to gain exposure?

La Belle Musique, Chill Nation, Mr Suicide Sheep, Mr Revillz and many more. We know them all in person and have worked with them since they started to build up their network.

What was your first real big career opportunity – and how did you get it?

Our real first big opportunity was our “July Flame Remix” upload on TheSoundYouNeed nearly 3 years ago. That got us a lot more people listening to our music and opened a new door. But there are several milestones you have to achieve. You need to deliver every single time to stay on the radar.

How did you get noticed or picked up by The Sound You Need?

They just uploaded the track, he did not tell us before. But that was fine by us! 🙂

How did you get your music supported by bigger name artists like kygo & Robin Schulz?

We are in close contact with most artists in the scene. But if producers and/or DJs like Kygo & Robin Schulz support your track at festivals like Ultra or Tomorrowland, its not only because you know them. In the end you need to produce quality music.

Do you have a favorite or go-to plugin that you use a lot?

Actually there are so many plugins we use, its hard to point out a particular one. We basically like all the stuff from Native Instruments, but the traditional dance plug-ins like Nexus & Sylenth are also interesting.

What does your studio setup consist of?

At home we work with simple KRK Rokit’s, a RME Babyface Interface, iMac & M-Audio 88es Keystation. We “home record” with a Neumann TLM 103. We use different equipment from time to time when we work in a real studio for sure.

What do you want to accomplish with your music career?

We already make a living with our music, so we achieved everything we dreamed of. We want to develop ourselves and discover new horizons. Music is endless, it is so much more than we hear on the radio everyday.

How long have you been using Hypeddit for and how many followers did you get since then?

We started using Hypeddit only 3 months ago and we got around 30.000 new followers since then.

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