Hypeddit Artist of the Month: Liva K

As a music producer there is nothing more gratifying than having your music appreciated and supported. It’s great to make music for yourself and that you like, but it’s great to have that music loved as well.

Our Hypeddit Artist of the Month is no stranger to producing music people love. Recently gracing our weekly top ten charts for over ten weeks with his remix of Calvin Harris’ ‘How Deep is Your Love.’ Hanging amongst artists like, DJ Bl3nd, Angemi, Kap Slap and more. He goes by the name Liva K and he is definitely making an impact with his smooth unique sound.

We recently got a chance to sit down with him and discuss production and marketing tips, remixing for Universal Music and more.

Hypeddit: How did you learn to produce music?

Liva K: Well, I started trying things on my own, it was cool but it needed something more , so , I turned into taking online courses from a well known university.”

H: What DAW are you currently using?

LK: I tried almost all DAWS before I decided that FL studio (Fruity loops) is the easiest & fastest one.

H: What is the best production tip you can give to other Hypeddit Producers?

LK: Remix commercial tracks for sure! It’s something I don’t really like but helps more than you can imagine.

H: What advice can you give to other producers looking to get there names out there?

LK: I think the best advice to give someone who wants to get their name in the top list Positions, is hard work. I know it sounds really ordinary , hard work always pays off!

H: How did you get the job of remixing Nina Simone Feeling Good for Universal Music?

LK: This remix was once an unofficial free- download remix, that i did just because iI loved this track & I wanted to include it in my dj sets. Then, Hypeddit did its job! It made the track gain exposure in a really short time. So one day, I received a mail from Universal Music that said they wanted to sign the track officially. This was huge, I thought it was a joke in the beginning hehe..

H: Besides it being an excellent track, what do you think helped you get so much exposure for the How Deep is Your Love Remix?

LK: The thing with this track was its name. People wanted to listen the remix because they knew the original track & thought a free – dl remix will be awesome too.

H: Do you have a favorite or go to plugin that you use a lot?

LK: Sylenth & Sylenth!!! amen

H: What do you want to accomplish most with your music career?

LK: I think dreams never stop. I always say i want to sign with this label or remix this track, but its never enough. I just want my tracks to be played all around the world & travel all around the world with my music.

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