Hypeddit Artist of the Month: Angemi

As many of you I’m sure know, it is not very easy to make it as a big time artist. But if you’re talented, work hard as well as smart, and get a little bit of luck, it can be done. That is why starting this month we are beginning a new monthly feature, our “Hypeddit Artist of the Month.”

Once a month we will be highlighting a Hypeddit artist who we not only find extremely talented, but is pushing all the right buttons when it comes to music promotion. Hopefully, to serve as a blueprint, a beacon of hope, and to give fellow artists a little bit of insight on how they did it.

So without further ado, we introduce you to our very first inaugural Hypeddit Artist of the Month, Angemi!

If you haven’t heard of Angemi yet, don’t worry you will. Djing since the age of 11 and producing at 14, the talented Italian DJ/producer is making a lot of noise in the electronic music scene. From his Oliver Heldens Melody recreations to recently topping our Hypeddit Top Ten charts for three weeks straight with his massive remix of Ed Sheeran’s Photograph.

He has received support from some of the biggest names in the scene from W&W to Sick Individuals, and released tracks on some of the biggest labels, including Revealed, Panda Funk, Spinnin and more.

That was enough to have us intrigued, so we reached out to Angemi to ask him a few questions and find out, how he does what he does.


Hypeddit: Have you always had a passion for music?

Angemi: Yes, I was born with a passion for music, but I haven’t always wanted to be a DJ. I started doing music in a totally different way. When I was a child I used to sing wherever possible, like weddings, private parties etc.. During my childhood I discovered dance music and I fell in love with it. I started djing at 11 years old and at 14 years old I started making my own music. I also used to be the lead singer in a small rock band. I worked at radio station in my home town as speaker and I wrote hundreds of romantic “pop” songs, most of them dedicated to my ex girlfriends (hahaha). Then I started making EDM,and I finally found what I wanted to do forever, making people happy!!!

H: What do you think has been the biggest contributor to your success so far?

A: Well, I didn’t have immediate success, I had to work hard for it, which then gave me a lot of opportunities. The first one was winning the “Invincible Remix Contest” promoted by Borgeous in 2014. That gave me a release on Spinnin’ Remixes, then I was released on one of the biggest labels in the world, Revealed Recordings with my masterpiece “Brakeless.”

I did other great releases on well known labels like Hussle (Ministry Of Sound Australia), Jummp Records twice (Juicy M’s label), Panda Funk (Deorro’s label), Sirup Music and Smash The House with my official remix for Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.

But I think the most important people who helped me reach these goals are my management team Tendence Trend, my amazing fans, and of course my family that always supported me. Also, Hypeddit helped me with its amazing service to get known on Soundcloud, so I have to say thank you!

H: When you were first starting out how did you establish connections with the bigger artists and labels?

A: Well, as I said before, everything happened really fast.. The first official release I made with my own name “Angemi” was on Revealed Recordings! I just sent them my demo through their website. I’ve been very lucky because I know that big labels won’t respond to you most of the time. Then, big artists contacted me after my “What If” video series (https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=angemi+what+if) became viral and popular. Actually I’m in touch with most of the biggest guys in the industry, I’m really proud of it.

H: What DAW are you using?

A: I always used Fruity Loops aka Fl Studio! I spent so much time on it that I think I’m one of the guys who nearly knows everything about this DAW!!! I tried to use Ableton,but it looks really hard to me!

H: What is the most important part of creating a well produced track?

A: Everything starts from an idea. If you don’t have an idea, then don’t do anything.. It’s really easy to get an idea, listen to very different music, go out with your friends, with your girl,c hill and have fun..

Then come back to the studio and start thinking about something that mixes everything you heard during this break! Another important step to make a well produced track is to work hard on the drop.. The drop is the most important part of an EDM track, the part that everyone will remember, so when you start a project, focus on it first!!!

H: How many tracks do you use on an average song?

A: I use like 123 channels on my Fl Studio mixer (1 for every track I use).. My pc says every time “please, have mercy on me!”

H: Who is an artist you would love to collaborate with?

A: Well, right know I think the most interesting collaboration would be between myself and KSHMR. But, I’m open to other future collabs with other artists. I would also love to promote some unknown producer with a strong collaboration sometimes..

H: Where do you see yourself in five years?

A: My wish is to become more known in 5 years, playing at Tomorrowland or Ultra Music Festival, being in a good rank in the Dj Mag Top 100 chart, learning new languages touring around the world and also starting my own label where I can propose new styles and promote humble and talented guys that maybe don’t have enough money or recommendations. I hate these situations, that’s why I would like to help all these guys!!!




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