Hypeddit Artist of the Month: Afro Bros

You know you’re doing something right, when your remixes and bootlegs have over 200,000 downloads and 1,000,000 plays. Simply ask Netherland based DJ/producers Afro Bros, who have been making quite the impact in the dance music scene. Started in 2006, Afro Bros, also known as Giordano and Rashid, have their own unique style and sound with a tropical touch. They have been supported by some of the biggest name artists and DJ’s in dance music, and produced major hits like their Dubbelfrisss track featuring Alvaro.

So as avid Hypeddit users we wanted to talk with them and get some insight on their unique sound, their production tips, and how they market themselves.

Here is what they had to say:

Hypeddit: For how long have you been using Hypeddit and how many followers has it helped you get?

Afro Bros: We have been using hypedit for almost a year now! Before we used Hypeddit we had a lot of bootlegs/tracks for free on our SoundCloud profile, but when we used Hypeddit with it, our SoundCloud profile exploded with new fans/listeners and followers from around the world. It helped us and our music to get great exposure!

H: What DAW are you currently using?

AB: We currently use Logic pro 9 (yes still the old version 😛 ) combined with FL Studio.  We started with FL studio and we became so fast with it we can hardly go without it.

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H: What is the best production tip you can give to other Hypeddit producers and artists?

AB: Don’t ‘force’ your music production with what’s trending in the world because you will limit yourself.  Just produce what you like, and it will always be fun.  And if you get stuck with something on your track and you’re getting frustrated, allow yourself to learn more about it. Sometimes we spend hours watching production tutorials to fix something.

H: Do you have any favorite tutorials you can share, or any channels you like for this?

AB:  We don’t actually have favorites, we just search on subjects, but we watched a lot of warbeats a couple of years ago.

H: Once you release a new track, what is your most effective way of getting exposure for it?

AB:  Well, it mainly depends on our fanbase.  Basically, what we do is post a release on our social media channels, and then it’s just a waiting game for us to see if people think it’s hot or not and if they will buy it (or not) to get it in the charts!  But lately, because it’s so normal now for everybody to just rip off tracks, we just give away our originals releases as a free download. It’s kinda sad for us to find one of our tracks on the internet with bad quality and people playing those bad quality files live! So we just think ‘fuck it’, go download the good version for free man!!! 😛

H: You have a very unique tribal/tropical sound that is percussion heavy. Do you have a tip for creating and programming your drums? And what are you using to create them?

AB: We have bought a lot of Brazilian/African/tropical/tribal sample packs. We still do in order to find new ones, but over many years of collecting them, we have like 500 gb of samples with that kinda sound. Now we’re just getting lost with it. It’s mostly just coincidence that we pick a snare, tom or whatever! And then we just mess with it to make it unique.

H: You often have very catchy samples in your tracks like ‘Attention’, and ‘Danca Do Bumbum’. How do you find and pick your samples?

AB: We just scroll down in our sample database, when we hear something good that fits in the track, we just put it in and tweak some buttons to make the perfect sample out of it!

H: What does your studio setup consist of?

AB: Rashid uses a Macbook Retina pro with upgrades, Giordano uses a windows Toshiba Laptop. We have a Behringer U-control, Microphone UAD Appolo twin DUO thunderbolt, Focusrite saffire 24, Presonus Monitor station, 2x KRK VXT 8 and 2x KRK RP6 and an extra Samsung Led screen. Besides that we have a separate vocal booth with a Rode NT1 microphone.

H: What do you want to accomplish most with your music career?

AB: We just want the whole world to know our names and make people around the world familiar with our kind of music style!

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