How to promote your music on SoundCloud and grow your fan base – automatically!


Do you find that you spend almost more time promoting and marketing your new tracks on SoundCloud – than you spend time creating music?

Unfortunately, that’s the case for a lot of ambitious artists these days.

What’s worse, you probably got into creating music because you love music – not because you wanted to become an online marketing expert!

We want to turn this around and help level the playing field. We believe your success as a music artist should be driven more by your musical talent, and less by your knowledge of online music promotion hacks.

That’s why we developed our new auto-promo feature!

Now you can save time and money to create more tracks – and let us find fans for your music. We get your music in front of fans who care about it – automatically.

Here is how it works:

Every day, Hypeddit’s music pages get visited by thousands and thousands of music fans, looking to discover hot, new tracks. Our auto-promo feature gives you the power to automatically place any new original tracks you upload to Hypeddit in the SPOTLIGHT widget on our music pages – simply by flipping on auto-promo for any of your SoundCloud or Youtube fan gates. It’s that easy and puts your track in front of thousands of music fans.

Now your music gets discovered by new fans day after day, week after week, month after month. And that means you keep building a bigger and better fan community around your music all the time.

Check out this short video to see auto-promo in action:



Our auto-promotion feature is currently available to artists subscribed to our STAR or VIP plans.

Here you see how many tracks you can auto-promote at the same time, and how many fan impressions we guarantee each month.

Ready to hype your music with our new promo tool?

You can request your upgrade right here.

And don’t wait if this sounds like the right feature for you!

Since we only work with real fan traffic and very much care about the success of our artists from this new feature, we currently offer our new auto-promotion feature only to a limited number of selected artists given this exclusive access.

Don’t miss out!






Question: Is this new auto-promotion feature right for me?

Answer: We built auto-promo for artists who have very little time on their hands and want to keep focused on making music as opposed to online marketing of their music. This feature is a one-click promotion tool for your fan gates. Don’t worry about submitting demos, dealing with A&R teams, booking individual promo campaigns – you promote with a click of a button. If time and digital marketing skills are what you struggle with, then auto-promo is for you.

But there are also artists who love planning and running their own online promo campaigns and invest the time and resources. Auto-promo is simply not the best tool for those.


Question: What is the difference between Hypeddit’s auto-promotion feature and SPOTLIGHT promotion feature?

Answer: Great question! Both auto-promo and SPOTLIGHT promo features present your music to a global fan community via or various public music sites (charts, new releases, etc). Yet, these two promo features are very different from each other. Our traditional SPOTLIGHT promotion feature is designed to deliver a temporary burst of activity over a 24 – 48 hour period – great to help push tracks into charts or get them trending. It’s build for short-term effect.

Auto-promo is exactly the opposite. It’s constant and slower paced promotion, day after day, week after week, month after month to continuously build an organic fan base around the artist’s fan base. It’s build for long-term effect.

A lot of our artists also combine auto-promotion and SPOTLIGHT promotion to take advantage of both short-term and long-term benefits for new releases and their entire catalogue.


Question: What kind of music does the auto-promo feature support?

Answer: Our auto-promotion feature currently supports original tracks with SoundCloud and YouTube fan gates. We don’t support DJ sets for auto-promotion or MixCloud and Spotify fan gates at the moment. However, please check back soon as we are always looking to expand our tools.




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