How to make it BIG as a music artist (on Hypeddit)

At Hypeddit, we love the idea of giving DJ’s and producers the visibility they deserve, and it is why our platform is geared towards rewarding artists for their talent and creativity.

But, it also goes beyond that. There is a critical ingredient – a little known secret that is not often talked about, but that has helped many Hypeddit artists break through the noise (no pun intended) and rapidly grow their fan base on SoundCloud, Youtube, Facebook, Spotify, Instagram, Twitter, MixCloud (and others) and consistently place their tracks in the Hypeddit Top 100 Charts.

So what is this secret to “growing” your success? (Drum roll please…)



Consistency is a critical success factor in any discipline, but it’s often an exhausting process which makes it rarely used as a tool. Great news for you!

Because by consistently sharing great music using Hypeddit (shameless plug!), you’ll be rewarded with more fans each time. In other words: the more songs you make and promote with our fan gates, the more fans you’ll accumulate through a “like”, a “follow” and so on.

That’s awesome – but it’s important to note that there is even greater magic that starts to happen:

With every subsequent track you release, you will have more fans than the last time. And with more existing fans you will likely see a greater number of initial downloads from your core audience each time (we are assuming here that each of your tracks has the same great quality because the appeal of your music really matters of course).

Now this is really powerful:

With more initial plays, downloads, likes, reposts, comments, etc. your tracks are getting more and more initial hype. And this is what most music charts look for! Whether it’s the Billboard Top 100, Beatport Top 100, SoundCloud Charts, Hype Machine’s Most Popular Songs, or Hypeddit Top 100 Charts – they all look at the activity (sales, social currency or others) you are getting on your new releases over a short period of time.

With a growing fan base and more initial hype for your music from those fans, your chances to break into the Hypeddit Top 100 Charts go up each time… and if your music ranks in our charts already, then you will likely start to rank higher and higher over time.

Hypeddit Grow SoundCloud Followers

Why should you care?


Charts deliver highly valuable and FREE(!) exposure for your music!

Breaking into the Hypeddit Top 100 Charts is free exposure that can make a major difference to the success of your music! The Hypeddit Top 100 Charts are viewed by hundreds of thousands of music fans each month, including fans, DJs and record labels alike and have made a difference in the career of many Hypeddit artists (see our success stories).

Plus: a bigger fan base can help with greater exposure for your live shows and/or merchandise.

If you’ve reached a career stage where you’re performing live, you can leverage your fan-base to attract bigger crowds. Event promoters and party planners will look up and take notice the minute you perform live to a sold-out crowd. Plus, a bigger fan base makes a good impression on record labels who might be interested in signing you for original tracks or remixes.


Social media is a marketing tool you can’t pass up

Social media followers are an audience you can market to quickly and easily. That’s why a tool like Hypeddit, which helps you to effectively boost your social media followers with real fans who care about your music, delivers such huge value to those artists who use it properly and – you guessed it 😉 – consistently!

(And please, please, please don’t waste your time and money with one of those services that only boost your stats with completely worthless bots!)

Here is a great example of our tips in tricks at work: check out DJ Dark, an electronic music DJ/producer and long-time Hypeddit user from Romania, who has used our fan gates to grow his audience track after track.

Over time, he has climbed higher and higher in our charts with each new SoundCloud release, and most recently, his downloads have been consistently appearing in our Top 10 – all through consistency and his growing and growing fan base.

With great music and consistent use of Hypeddit, you can do it too!

We would be excited to feature your success story here in the future.



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