How to break the silence and boost your new track?

When we introduced our HYPE YOUR MUSIC feature a few months back we started with a small selection of partner channels and one huge vision:

Provide Hypeddit music artists with the best selection of promotional tools and channels to break the silence and boost their music to new heights!

The New Success Formula for Music Stardom

Our purpose is to support your success based on a simple but powerful formula:


In order to support your success with always new ways to expose your new tracks to a large audience of EDM fans, we just added two great new partners to our HYPE YOUR MUSIC channels, Certified Jackin and Move It! This brings the total of EDM fans you can reach through our promo partners to over 350,000… enough to break the charts!

Has your latest track on Hypeddit generated less than 89.3 fans, likes, comments and reposts? This is the average number of fans, likes, comments and reposts achieved by all of our artists and tracks combined.

If you have great music (check! – see formula above), you use Hypeddit (check!), but you are not getting the same results (cricket sound…), then chances are you are missing the exposure for your track. HYPE YOUR MUSIC can help you get that additional boost needed, including Hypeddit’s SPOTLIGHT promo service.

Give it a try!



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