Hypeddit Success Story: Selected.

Becoming a successful record label these days is a very difficult undertaking. It takes a lot of time, hard work, and good music. That is why we are so impressed with Selected. Founded in 2013 in Berlin Germany by Nick Scheerbart and Nico Pinkowski, Selected is a DJ-team and record label that has amassed an incredible fan base in a very short time.

With close to 600,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel, and over 200,000 combined followers on two separate SoundCloud profiles, it’s safe to say they know what they are doing when it comes to promoting their music.

So we wanted to get a little insight from Nick, as to how they used Hypeddit so successfully? Here is the scoop:

Hypeddit Grow SoundCloud Followers

Nick From Selected.

“To gain a large following using Hypeddit, we use a pretty simple but effective technique. We leverage the massive exposure that YouTube offers, as well as the larger desktop user base.

The reason why this is important is because most people on YouTube are Desktop Users – while on Soundcloud it’s only about 15-20% of our channel. So the rest doesn’t see any descriptions or download links because they are on a mobile device.

What we do is, upload to our Soundcloud – but always upload to our YouTube channel as well. All of the YouTube video’s then push to the SoundCloud free download. After that, we then promote it on all of our socials and occasionally do a repost-for-repost. Using this method has helped us gain quite a lot of downloads and followers.

After the first 2-months of using this technique we opened a second account on Soundcloud for further projects in the future. We started linking that account in all of our free Hypeddit downloads as well – which now has over 42,000 followers.

This showcases pretty well the effectiveness of Hypeddit. Over that time we tested other follow-to-download services as well, which brought us 1-2k followers to the account, but it never worked as efficient and easy as Hypeddit. It’s fast and easy for people to use, that’s why we stuck to it.”

Grow Facebook and SoundCloud Followers

A huge THANK YOU to Nick from Selected for sharing his tricks and the Selected story with us and our community. It’s artists and labels like you that make the Hypeddit community so great. Please make sure to support Selected on their SoundCloud accounts here and here, and YouTube.

The question is now, how can other users use this technique to achieve explosive growth?

The answer is pretty simple: Great Music + Exposure + Hypeddit = Explosive Fan Growth

1. Great music – that means tracks that listeners can’t wait to download and add to their music library.
2. Exposure – the more listeners you get for your tracks, the more fans you can grow.
3. Hypeddit – our fan gates convert listeners to fans and followers on SoundCloud, and as a Hypeddit PRO user you can even combine it with SoundCloud comments, reposts and Facebook Likes.

So lets break that down a little bit:

Great music is self explanatory, as well as Hypeddit. Lets talk about exposure, the magic ingredient it seems to always come down to. We want to take it a step further, not just exposure, but the “right” exposure. Selected knows their audience very well which allows them to achieve such amazing fan base growth. Not only do they know their audience, they know how their audience interacts with the different services – e.g. more desktop users on YouTube, means more downloads on SoundCloud.

So know lets internalize this, and try and make it our own. You need to one, find out where there are many potential listeners who are into your sound or labels sound, and who are also primarily using their desktop. This can be forums, YouTube, Tumblr, Reddit and Facebook groups. Maybe reach out to established voice leaders in your genre’s space to possibly post your free download.

If you have the right plan we know you can experience the success Hypeddit users like Selected and artists like Ill Phil are having.



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