How to collect verified fan email addresses for your music promotion

We are super excited to announce the launch of our new, smart email-to-download feature. Now you can collect a verified email address from each fan who downloads your track!

Why does it matter?

Engaging existing fans over and over again is the most fundamental key to success as a music artist, producer or record label!

It’s not only about making 100 new fans with each release – it’s about making 100 new fans + re-engaging the 100 fans you have from your previous release. This is how you grow with each track and build success!

You probably reach your fans with new music on SoundCloud, new videos on Youtube, status updates and messages on Facebook, etc. All those touch points are very important – but with their email address, you can now engage your core fans where it matters most: in their inbox.

Each fan who shared their email address with you is a potential super-fan, who you can reach with all of your news and content – from new releases and videos to concerts/shows or merchandise!

In short: Never launch a fan gate again without emailing your existing fans to let them know about your exciting new release and download!

Activate the new email-to-download feature on your existing and new fan gates with just the click of a button. This short video will show you:


1. How to active the email-to-download feature for a new download gate

2. How to active the email-to-download feature for an existing download gate

3. How to download and use your fans’ email addresses



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Enjoy this new feature and please share any thoughts, ideas and feedback in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!



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