Build a community of fans around your music, not just a SoundCloud presence.

Music artists who lead successful careers know the importance of building a sizable and engaged community of fans around their music. To build the biggest community you can and maximize your exposure, it is important you diversify your outreach.

Not all of your potential fans are going to be on SoundCloud – but of course that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to hear your music. As a Hypeddit PRO user, you have access to very powerful tools to grow a sizable and diverse fan community across numerous media platforms and artist profiles.

Turn listeners into followers with Hypeddit

Here is how:

YouTube Fan Gates

Did you know that according to Nielsen market research 64% of teenagers today use YouTube as their main source of music? So not only is it important you have your music on YouTube, it is important you grow your subscriber base to reach an ever increasing fan community. As a Hypeddit PRO user, you can exchange your music for simultaneous subscriptions across 5 different YouTube channels! This is a great feature for artists in group projects/bands, record labels, promotional networks, and everyone who wants to maximize their YouTube footprint.

Grow Multiple SoundCloud Profiles At Once

Concerned uploading remixes might put your main SoundCloud profile as an artist at risk (even if you have permissions for your remixes and think they are 100% cleared, copyright detection software never works 100% error free)? Do you want to grow a new SoundCloud profile just for DJ sets, or a different sound you’re trying? No problem, as a Hypeddit PRO user you can ask your fans to auto-follow up to 5 different SoundCloud profiles. Just as our YouTube fan gates above, this is a great feature for artists in group projects/bands, record labels, promotional networks, and everyone who wants to maximize their SoundCloud footprint.

Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, & Twitter Integration

In order to grow a powerful and engaged fan base, you always want to be where your fans are. As a Hypeddit PRO user, you can combine our SoundCloud, YouTube, MixCloud and Hearthis fan gates with additional likes/follows for your profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Spotify! What a great way to stay connected with your fans across the most important social media platforms.

Hypeddit Grow SoundCloud Followers



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