Best and worst way to get followers for your music


Have you already done it? Probably… When’s the last time you did it? Recently?

Have you searched “get followers” on Google to look for ideas on how to boost your follower numbers on SoundCloud, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or other social platforms?

For most music artists serious about their music career, the answer is most likely “yes”. And it makes total sense. Mastering the most effective ways of building a sizable social media fan base is pretty much a necessary skill set if you want to grow from bedroom producer to mainstage act.


Fans and listeners are more likely to check out music on an artist’s SoundCloud, Facebook or YouTube profile page if they see a large following. They want to see – or listen to – what all the hype is about.

But there’s a huge trap out there!


The worst way to get followers for your music

You have seen the ads on Google, on music blogs, on Fiverr:

“Get 1,000 SoundCloud followers for $5”.
“Buy SoundCloud followers”.
“SoundCloud followers from $1”.

It’s fake followers and bots – the cancer of social media!

Fake followers can significantly hurt your profile pages and damage your success as a music artist. Instead of skyrocketing you to new career heights, they will drag you down. Here is why:

Have you ever looked at another artist’s profile and thought ‘something seems off’? They have a huge number of followers, but their tracks have almost no plays, likes, reposts or comments? Doesn’t seem legit, right?

Most music fans and professionals in the music industry have become smart enough to see right through those fake followers and attempts to manipulate stats. And it’s a massive turn-off!

Social media gives music artists the power to craft and develop an authentic persona as an artist. Leading on new listeners and potential fans that could really be interested in your music with a deception tactic is just a terrible way to start an artist-fan relationship.

But it gets worse!

Once you have those fake followers on your account, you likely cannot get rid of them – unless SoundCloud, Facebook, Youtube, etc. come to your help and delete those bot accounts. These fake followers are like nasty old chewing gum. They stick around, messing up your profile. And the more of them you purchased, the worse it is.

Imagine you had 1,000 real followers and decided to get 9,000 fake followers on top of that to boost your SoundCloud profile to over 10,000 “fans”. That’s means a whopping 90% of your SoundCloud fan base would now be fake, turning off any real fans and dragging you down!

The only way to reduce the impact of those sickening fake followers is to outgrow them with real followers. But that’s a tall order! Now you would have to gain at least 8,000 REAL followers to even reduce the impact of those fake accounts to 50% or less!

But painfully, you also made it more difficult than ever for yourself to grow new real followers because of the turnoff you got yourself into with all those fake accounts. At that point, you might as well consider starting an entirely new profile page…

So, but how can you accomplish both: showing off fast growing social media stats AND doing all of this with REAL followers only?


The best way to get followers for your music

The answer is simple. You just need three things:

#1 good music +
#2 basic promotion (free or paid) to get your music heard by real people +
#3 a tool that automatically converts those listeners into REAL followers for your social profiles.

If you have #1, then we got you covered! #2 and #3 are obviously what Hypeddit does best (Ohhh! Shameless plug! 😉

But any self-promotion aside, the truth of course is that there are other download gates and promo services out there that can do similar things. It’s not about which specific tools and services you use – it’s just about following the simple three tactics above. It’s entirely up to you to decide which “weapons” you like best as long as you focus all your efforts on growing real followers with good music and smart promotion.


Read more:


Taking this approach, you can generate something truly amazing: a virtuous cycle where an ever-growing fan base of real followers will engage with your music, like, comment on, or repost it.

With every social engagement, your real followers help you reach even more listeners and new potential fans and followers. Release a steady flow of good music to this growing fan community and your follower stats will grow faster and faster. That’s because your music is getting more social amplification.

This is the path to healthy success as a music artist. And eventually, you will be able to turn your real fans into superfans and reward yourself with monetizing your music.

Bottom line: A bit of focused energy can deliver the kind of social stats you’re looking for – almost as certain as any fake follower service. But more importantly, you’ll be fueling your success as a music artist instead of killing it with bots. Don’t take short cuts. Build a foundation that will pay off.




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