Anatomy of a Chart Hit – How I Broke into the Hypeddit Top 10 Charts

Want to make it into the Hypeddit Top 10 Download Charts but wondering how to get there?

When “One” by Swedish House Mafia swept up the Beatport charts and took the #1 spot only a few hours after it was released, Beatport published the “Anatomy of a #1 Hit”.

This is a great read and I highly recommend it! Many of the publicity tools described are applicable to both breaking into the Beatport Charts as well as the Hypeddit Charts.

But to bring all this to life even more for Hypeddit, let me share a quick example from my own use of Hypeddit:

Turn listeners into followers with Hypeddit

How I Broke into the Hypeddit Top 10 Charts

November 26: Finished and mastered new track called “Disco Bomb” and designed cover art

November 27: Uploaded track to SoundCloud© and created Hypeddit fan gate, linked to SoundCloud track. Made sure “Comment-do-Download” feature (available with Pro Plan) is activated to collect SoundCloud comments for every download and show popularity of track and fan feedback to other users. The more comments a track has, the more popular it appears on SoundCloud and the more new users will listen and re-post the track to further boost it.

November 28: Contacted various promo channels via SoundCloud Message to introduce “Disco Bomb” and request re-post. At this time the track already has 50+ comments of fans really loving the tune, which gives some of these promo channels and other users great confidence in reposting the tune to thousands of their SoundCloud fans.

November 29: “Disco Bomb” sweeps up to #4 in the Hypeddit Top 10 Download Charts, which now boosts the track even further since music fans around the world check out the Hypeddit Top 10 Charts frequently and now find “Disco Bomb” as well.

December 1: “Disco Bomb” peaks at position #3 of the Hypeddit Top 10 Download Charts.


As of writing this, “Disco Bomb” accumulated about 7,000 organic plays, supported by about 50 reposts, a whopping 200+ comments (only 50 less than “One” by Swedish House Mafia by the way!) and close to 400 likes. My SoundCloud profile gained about 300 new Followers from this one track alone – all of this by using Hypeddit!

How are you using Hypeddit to crack the Top 10 Charts and boost your SoundCloud profile? Let us know below – we would love to hear more about it.




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