OVERSIZE Sounds From Underground Talents: Four Awesome Artists Under 1,000 Followers

One of the things we love the most amongst our Hypeddit team is all the incredible musical talent we come across in our community – from internationally recognized recording artists with their chart breakers, to undiscovered newcomers with a fresh new sound.

Often times, it is these up-and-coming talented artists who don’t seem to be getting the recognition or credit their sound deserves. It is our purpose to change this. So we decided to shine the spotlight on some of these diamonds in the rough and their musical jewels with a new content series highlighting million-dollar sounds by artists with under 1,000 SoundCloud followers.

From incredible production skills to just overall great tracks, here is our introductory class. Check it out and support these artists if you like their sound!

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Laissez Faire feat. Ria – Let Go

The first one is from Laissez Faire, a production duo from Las Vegas who just recently released their debut EP. The track is extremely well produced and has a vibey yet upbeat sound, We love it!

Martin Vallee feat. Ann Shirley – Going Down

Second is from Martin Vallee a producer from France. Another extremely well produced track that screams summer time fun, with an awesome use of vocal chops and samples.

Cahto – Stay

Third is Cahto AKA Ryan Duffy with Stay. This track will put you in a zone and has an extremely unique sound, especially at the second drop. Well done Ryan!

Safe Space x Xarox – Untold

Lastly we have Safe Space, (which we really dig the name BTW) with another well produced electronic vibey yet energetic track.

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