5 blogs every producer should follow to improve their skills and stay informed

Contrary to what some people out there believe, producing music, dance music especially, is not an easy task. It can get very technical, especially for dance music producers who usually end up being the composer, sound designer and audio engineer for mixing and mastering all at once. In addition to it being technical, it is also a very fast paced world that is constantly changing with new software, new plugins, new tools and more. So it may be important for you to not only continue to learn how to constantly improve your skills as a producer, but to also keep up to date with what is new.

Here are 5 excellent blogs we recommend you add to your list to stay on top of news and trends:

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Budi Voogt
You have to admire a smart, self made, driven person, which is exactly what Budi Voogt is. Everything from entrepreneur, to artist manager and author, his blog by the same name, is probably the only one on our list that discusses topics that are outside of the technical and product realm. Everything from music marketing, how to start a record label, to royalties and publishing. A must read for driven music producers who want more music business knowledge and dream of a professional career in music.

Music Radar 
Without a doubt one of the best overall music blogs out there. Covering everything from new gear, to tips and techniques, to interviews. Their topics span a wide variety of music production from bands to DJ’s, but you will definitely find plenty of insightful articles that relate to you.

DJ Mag 
DJ Mag might be known more for their infamous ‘Top 100’ DJ list and for fan articles, but their tech coverage is no amateur affair. With great reviews and understanding of new products, as well as tips and techniques geared directly toward the dance music producer.

Mix Online 
Mix is similar to Music Radar, covering a broad spectrum of music production from recording, to live sound, to technology, but they really excel at product reviews. It is definitely a great addition to the must read list.

Since many of you are probably producing all of your music digitally, AKA “in the box,” Emusician will be a great read. It features all tips and tricks for digital music production, and tons of reviews on plugins and other software you will be interested in.

In addition to these five, we’d like to suggest that you keep us on your reading list as well.  As we continue to grow we become more dedicated to producing great content that you, our users, can get use out of. From music marketing tips like, why the first 5 seconds of your SoundCloud preview matter the most, to success stories and best practices for Hypeddit.

We hope you find some great news, tips and tricks on these blogs and use them to grow your skills as a producer and keep up to date with the music industry.

Leave a comment and let us know what music industry blogs you read.




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