4 Free Plugins Every Music Producer Needs

Have you ever heard the saying, “if it’s free, it’s for me?” Well when it comes to some plugins, that is definitely a motto worth sticking too. Not only do they allow you to save money, they help you improve your productions, and what is better than that? Also no matter what part of the production cycle you are in, you can find a plugin for it. From Synths and drums, to effects, to mixing and mastering.

And because many times a producer can get lost down the rabbit hole of synths, effects, compressors, and on and on. We decided to put together a short list of a few free plugins that we like, that will cover your entire production from start to finish. Not that some paid plugins aren’t worth the money, but many times you will find a free plugin that does one particular feature extremely well, and it will wind up being your go to for certain production techniques.

These are just some that we like but if you do a little research you will find a ton more.


Camel Crusher (Download)

Sometimes especially for and EDM producer you need your synths or even your drums for that matter be a little thicker or stick out of the mix a little more. That is why it is important to have a plugin that will beef up your sound. For this you can use the camel crusher. A free VST plugin that lets you select from two different distortion tones, and contains a low-pass filter and a compressor. Works well and synths and excellent on kicks.

Hysteresis (Download)

If you are making music through your computer, you probably want to make some crazy sounds from time to time. That is why you should have Hysteresis.  A free plugin from Glitchmachines who makes some great paid plugins as well.

Use this plugin to create some great effects and vocal chops, bring a pad to life, or help you with some track inspiration.

C3 Mulitband Compressor (Download)

For those producers do everything form creating, to mixing and mastering in the box, the C3 Mulitband Compressor from Slim Slow Slider is a must have. It is a great tool for mastering allowing you to apply different amounts of compression to the different frequencies in your track. The bass, the mids and highs.

Acustica Audio Nebula3 Free (Download)

One thing that no producer wants is a muddy song with no life or vibrance to it. Well you don’t have to worry about that with this free multi-effect plugin from Acustica Audio. Open your ears to truly analog sound, right within your DAW.




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