3 great tutorials to help improve your music productions

When it comes to producing music, having talent and a good ear will definitely go a long way and can get you pretty far in your career. However, producing music is also a technical practice, and many times you can have all the talent in the world, but still fall short on the sound quality of your tracks. And, it is the quality that will help set you apart from the rest of the extremely talented producers, particularly in a genre like electronic dance music that is so much about the sound experience. Below are three great video tutorials that explain and demonstrate three extremely important technical aspects of music production. Master these and you will bring your tracks to a whole new level.

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It is amazing how different a properly eq’d track can sound. Whether it’s making room and separation for all of the sounds, to clarity and punchiness, to getting rid of that annoying click your sample is making. Knowing how to eq correctly will bring your mix from good to great.


Once you have all of the elements of your track, the kick, the bass, vocals, effects, it is time to mix them. However, just like making the track, this is an art all unto itself. What makes this tough is that there are a million ways you can mix a track. What sounds do you want to be more prominent, do you want to pan the crash and the hi-hat, how much reverb, or delay? All of that is a style choice in our opinion, but there are some technical aspects and styles of mixing that should be followed. Like mixing at low volumes, and keeping certain instruments like the bass in the center. This video is also accompanied by a great blog post which you should check out here. (http://www.wickiemedia.net/index.php/audio-tutorials/mix-like-a-pro/Mix-Like-A-Pro-E01-12-Track-Song.html)


Much like eq’ing, compression can drastically change the overall sound of a track. So getting it right is pretty important, especially for dance music. It will not only help you get that bounce you want, but it will help give your mix and sounds more punch and many other useful applications.

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