New Features! Auto-Promotion, Spotify Fan Gate, and lots more…


Logged into Hypeddit today yet? Noticed any new features? 😉

We are extremely excited to let you know that we just rolled out one of the most powerful Hypeddit upgrades to date with lots of exciting new tools!

Here is an overview of the new features we just launched to help you build an even bigger and better fan community around your music:


Put your music promotion on auto-pilot

​We believe your success as a music artist should be driven more by your musical talent, and less by your knowledge of online music promotion hacks. That’s why we developed our new auto-promo feature!

Now you can save time and money to create more tracks – and let us find fans for your music. We get your music in front of fans who care about it – automatically. Learn more about it here.


Brand new Spotify fan gate

​We just launched one of the most advanced Spotify fan gates to help you grow a bigger and better fan community around your music in Spotify. This includes lots of new features and a brand-new fan gate design. Check it out here.


Manage all your SoundCloud profiles from one Hypeddit account

Gone are the days when one Hypeddit account would manage only one SoundCloud profile. You can now set up fan gates for all your SoundCloud profiles from one Hypeddit account.


New stats

How many times was my fan gate visited? And how many fans downloaded my track? Easily find this info and more on our updated dashboard and in your fan gate list.


Social currency without limits

You asked for it and we delivered. You can now connect unlimited social accounts to your fan gates.


SoundCloud, Youtube, Spotify and Mixcloud right out of the gate

Are you using Hypeddit’s free account? Good news! You can now create fan gates for all platforms – instantly.


To fit all these new features, we also launched two new subscription tiers for Hypeddit, called STAR and VIP plans. With these four plans, you can boost your fan base and hype your music at each stage of your career. Check out our overview of all new plans, features and pricing.

Stay tuned for more details and tutorials in our upcoming newsletters.

Any questions, feedback, ideas? Just leave us a comment below.