*NEW* Free boost for your YouTube fan gates with Charts and promoted New Releases

Did you launch a YouTube fan gate for your music yet?

We thought it’d be nice to give you just ‘a few million’ reasons to go live with YouTube fan gates now to build a bigger and better fan community around your music 😉

Here is why:

Millions and millions of music fans around the world have discovered the amazing tracks of our artist community in the Hypeddit Top 100 Charts for SoundCloud tracks this year alone – and our recently launched New Releases are making lots of noise already.

But why stop here?

We love adding more ways for fans to discover the music of our artists because it means more ways for your music to be heard and more ways for your fan community to grow. That’s why we are extremely excited to launch Hypeddit’s all-new Top 100 Charts and New Releases exclusively for YouTube fan gates this week!

Wondering what to do in order to be featured as a New Release or Chart breaker on Hypeddit?

Well, (almost) nothing! Just create Hypeddit fan gates for your music on YouTube and we will take if from there.

Full support!